Product & Technology


Technology at a Glance

IntroMedic secure a competitiveness in the global capsule endoscopy market by adopting the world’s only Internal Human Body Communication (IHBC) technology, Medical Image Processing (MIP) technology, its unique software programs, and ergonomics-based capsule design and manufacturing technology.

Internal Human Body Communication (IHBC) Technology

Among human body communication technologies that can transmit data by using the conductive characteristic of human body, IHBC is the first technology in the world that can communicate from inside to outside of human body.

Medical Image Processing (MIP) Technology

It is a technology for minimizing image distortion, removing noise effectively and improving diagnostic validity.

Ergonomics-based Device Design and Manufacturing Technology

It is an ergonomics-based technology that can improve functions of the body inserted parts as well as the micro minimization of the capsule size.